Reduce your downtime and prevent unwanted contaminates in your fluid with strainers and filtering through Motion Engineering, Inc. Installing strainers and filters will protect your equipment and help reduce your maintenance costs. Motion Engineering has a full line of filtration solutions such as basket strainers, Duplex Strainers, Y Type Strainers, and special purpose bags for hi-temperature service.

Simplex / Basket Strainers

  • Single cartridge basket
  • Can be used during downtime to clean/change
  • Screwed/flange

Duplex Strainers

  • Clean basket without shutting down system
  • Ideal for continuous process applications
  • Quick open lids
  • Side drain plugs on each basket well

Y Type Strainers

  • Removes solids from moving liquids by perforated wire mesh straining element
  • Simplest type used as pipe fitting
  • Protects pumps, meters, valves, & regulators