If your motor control center is the brain of your plant, the electricity that flows to and from it is the lifeblood. In order to make sure everything in your plant is communicating and operating properly, replacing and upgrading your entire electrical system is highly recommended. We have years of experience upgrading industrial electrical services systems, replacing motor control centers, and keeping employees safe while doing it.

During a motor control center replacement, let our safety-certified electricians replace your outdated electrical system protecting you from costly future issues and expensive repairs.

Reasons to Upgrade Asphalt Plant Electrical Services

  • Safety. You can focus on producing asphalt with peace of mind that your crew is
    protected knowing all the electrical servicing we do is up to code with NFPA. You never want to open a cabinet full of exposed wires and feel like an 80’s movie bomb-squad technician. We can install a breaker-style system that is safer and easier to maintain. When we do a job for you, we don’t leave until it meets the highest of safety standards.
  • Reliability. An asphalt plant is only profitable when it is functioning. An upgraded electrical system and or motor control center means fewer breakdowns and less downtime.
  • Easy user interface. As a plant operator, what do you want to see as you step into your motor control center? Many prefer the intuitiveness of a touchscreen control panel vs the older push-button system. When you upgrade your motor control center, we can find the style that suits you and your plant’s needs.

Are you dealing with a Frankenstein Asphalt Plant? Got Gremlins in your System? Is it time to start fresh and update your Electrical Controls? Our asphalt plant electrical services team offers Total System Controls. Contact our expert team to learn more about what we can do for you!