With the cost of steel skyrocketing, a new plant can be a massive expense; far exceeding your budget. However, options like dismantling an existing plant, relocating it to a new location, and setting it up can be a more cost-effective alternative. In any case, we have the experience and knowledge to create a solution that gets your plant set up right.

We can take care of everything from start to finish, offering you a turnkey solution to the teardown and setup of your plant. We run lean on purpose … to pass the cost savings of not having to maintain a fleet of cranes and other equipment on to you by only renting what we need to use for your job, whether that’s manlifts, off-road forklifts, skid steers, or other equipment.

Or maybe you aren’t looking for a full turnkey rebuild, and you just need labor. We can do that as well. We are here to save you money, not bundle services you aren’t asking for and don’t need.

Motion Engineering, Inc. was featured in the cover story article of the June 2022 issues of Asphalt Pro Magazine for their work erecting the CWMF Corp Asphalt Plant for JM Fahey.

Reasons to relocate an existing plant:

  • You are new to the industry, or you’ve been buying asphalt from local producers and want to save money by making your own.
  • You’ve got a portable plant and need to move from one job site to another.
  • You need to move to a more resource-rich area for aggregate.
  • Your company is experiencing high growth and it’s time to upgrade.

Sell us your old plant

We can help offset the cost of a new plant by purchasing your old plant/equipment. With our specialty in preowned equipment, we have the manpower and skill set to recondition your old equipment.

Does your asphalt plant belong in a museum?

Relocating your plant is the perfect time to upgrade your plant controls. Your control system is the brain of your plant, telling the brawn what to do, even if it costs you thousands of dollars through unseen inefficiencies. We will be reworking all the wiring during the setup of the plant and upgrading at this point will save you money versus upgrading a year down the road once the plant is set up. After all, isn’t the goal to work smarter, not harder?

This is also a smart time to switch to vertical tanks. This economical upgrade will save you money on heat costs as the vertical tanks are more energy efficient. And as a bonus, they take up less real estate than horizontal tanks.

Have you thought about your burner?

If your burner is getting up there in age, you may consider evaluating and possibly replacing it with a new, efficient burner, saving you more money in the long run.
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