In the multifaceted world of asphalt plants, temperature regulation stands as a cornerstone of efficient and quality production. Central to this task is the industrial hot oil heater, a critical piece of equipment that epitomizes precision, durability, and operational excellence.

Hot Oil Heating Equipment Specs

Helical coil design hot oil heaters, such as those in the Hy-Way® Model HYFGO series, are comprised of a variety of high-functioning critical components and attributes. The helical coil thermal fluid heater stands as a marvel of engineering—streamlined, efficient, and purpose-built for asphalt plants.


  • Capacity: The heaters we offer boast an impressive range with inputs of 1.0 million and 2.0 million BTU/hr, catering to diverse operational needs.
  • Fuel Type: Specifically designed to operate with No. 2 oil/natural gas, they benefit from a fully automatic forced draft burner, ensuring consistent and efficient fuel consumption.
  • Efficiency: With a dedicated focus on reducing energy loss and minimizing maintenance costs, these hot oil heaters are crafted for cost-effectiveness.
  • Insulation: The 3 in. blanket insulation enveloping the outer shell offers optimal thermal protection. Further, the heads come with 6 in. ceramic insulation, coupled with a peep site for flame observation.
  • Heat Exchanger: A testament to design precision, the hot oil heater hosts a tightly wound pipe coil within its shell, guaranteeing optimal heat transfer.
  • Material: Employing 1/4 in. carbon steel for both the shell and end covers, these heaters promise durability and robustness.
  • Removable End Cover: A practical feature, allowing for straightforward inspections and cleaning.

Heater Package Components:

  • Burner: Crafted for impeccable combustion and energy optimization.
  • Pump Set: Dedicated to the smooth circulation of the thermal fluid, ensuring a consistent heating process.
  • Control System: A blend of automation and safety features to ensure seamless operation.
  • Heater Piping & Expansion Tank: Essential components designed for both performance optimization and safety.

Structural & Operational Benefits

The structural and operational benefits of industrial hot oil heaters go beyond mere functionality. A standout feature is the structural steel skidded base design, which ensures not only stability but also ease of transportation. Moreover, with logistics in mind, the heaters come equipped with lifting lugs, streamlining the transportation and installation processes. Time and again, these heaters have proven their mettle with accolades for sustained efficiency and unwavering dependability in asphalt plants.

Why Choose an Industrial Hot Oil Heater from Motion Engineering?

When considering why to choose a hot oil heater from Motion Engineering, several factors come to mind. The heaters we feature are a testament to operational excellence. Through their intricate design and selection of superior materials, they promise unparalleled performance. Safety and durability are paramount, with every heater built to ensure the utmost safety for its operators while guaranteeing a long operational lifespan. Furthermore, thinking about the end-users, these heaters are designed for ease of maintenance. This means effortless inspections, cleaning, and tuning, which in turn reduces downtime and ensures optimal performance throughout their lifecycle.

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Industrial hot oil heaters are a reliable, efficient, and user-friendly hot oil heating solution. With its myriad of features and benefits, they stand as a benchmark in the industry.

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