BCS 7000

Premier Burner Control Systems for Aggregate Drying

  • Precise control of stack temperature or material temperature and dryer draft
  • User friendly, color touch screen operator interface
  • Expand limits, system status, and flame signal strength annunciation
  • PLC based temperature control loops
  • Simplified burner setup and tuning with electronic vale characterization
  • Integral variable set point dryer draft control
  • Advanced troubleshooting with help screens and remote diagnostics
  • Multi-fuel and fuel optimization (liquid and gaseous fuel co-firing) capable
  • User configurable inputs for data collection and trending
  • Network and PC accessible via Ethernet port
  • Available in tabletop drop-in versions
  • Designed specifically for Hauck StarJet, EcoStar, MegaStar and NovaStar series burners (also suitable for burners from other manufacturers)

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Hauck Line of Burner Control Systems


Asphalt Burner Management System

The ABMS (Asphalt Burner Management System) will provide precise material temperature control in either manual or automatic mode. These burner control systems allow for optimum performance and emissions control. The system maintains the negative pressure in the drum by controlling the outlet damper of the exhaust fan or through the exhaust fan VFD. The ABMS provides an interface to the system through the HMI and panel push-button switches and acts as the primary point of control. The panel HMI displays setup, diagnostic, and troubleshooting tools to allow the operator full control of the burner, with ethernet communications so you can stay connected from anywhere. Multiple status screens are available in the system for trouble-shooting and the system has continuous data logging which is stored on a hard drive and can be exported through a USB connection.

Optimum Performance and Control

  • Integrated operating system
  • Oil, natural gas or combination applications
  • Designed specifically for use with the Webster HDRA rotary drying burner
  • Manual or automatic burner control
  • Manual or automatic draft control (can be used with damper or VFD)
  • Ethernet communications

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Webster line of Burner Control Systems

ACS-100 Asphalt Control Systems

The Webster ACS-100 Asphalt Plant Burner Controls are an integrated operating system that controls burners firing either oil or natural gas for the process of asphalt manufacturing. The system monitors the burner limit circuitry and provides flame safety and temperature (material or stack temperature) control. The temperature controller modulates the burner firing rate based on the differential between the process temperature and the control setpoint. The asphalt burner control system is available in a NEMA 4 rated stand-alone, table-top control panel, or can be provided as a drop-in to an existing control panel.

The ACS-100 control system will provide precise material or stack temperature control in either manual or automatic mode. The Webster Combustion ACS-100 is supplied with a flame safeguard for burner supervision, with the keyboard display mounted on the outside of the panel door for ease of access. In addition, reset of faults or lockouts can be done without having to open the control panel enclosure. Independently annunciated alerts are provided for high material and high stack temperature to warn of high temperature conditions.


  • Integrated operating system
  • Oil, gas or combination applications
  • Single-point control system
  • Manual or automatic firing rate control
  • Material or stack temperature control modes
  • Independent material and stack temperature controllers
  • Independent high stack limit
  • Optional Modbus RTU communications
  • Works with Webster Twister™ Asphalt Plant Burner and other burner systems

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Webster line of Burner Control Systems.