In the intricate world of asphalt plant operations, trunnion adjustment plays a pivotal role in ensuring the efficient running of your plant. At Motion Engineering, we recognize that the heart of your plant’s drum mixer or dryer relies on precisely adjusted trunnions to function correctly. Our extensive experience and keen attention to detail make us leaders in maintaining and adjusting these critical components.

The Importance of Precise Trunnion Adjustment

Trunnions are the foundation upon which the tires of drum mixers or dryers rotate. It is imperative that these are precisely adjusted to ensure the longevity of the tire and prevent major repairs. An improperly aligned trunnion can lead to increased stress on components, leading to premature wear and even failure. Precise trunnion adjustment and alignment will ensure the longevity of the tire and prevent major repairs down the line. Ensuring your plant’s trunnions are accurately adjusted is both an ongoing plant maintenance task and an investment in the ongoing productivity and lifespan of your asphalt plant.

Consequences of Misalignment

Misalignment can manifest in several ways, each signaling that immediate attention is necessary. These signs include:

  • Washboarding: Uneven surfaces on the tire or trunnion that can indicate misalignment.
  • Flaking: Pieces of the tire or trunnion breaking away due to uneven wear.
  • Bearing Failures: Premature bearing wear can occur when they are subjected to undue stress.
  • High Motor Amperage: An overworked motor can indicate that the drum is not rotating freely, possibly due to misalignment.
  • Excessive Wear: Abnormal wear patterns on tires, trunnions, and other components.

Each of these issues can lead to unplanned downtime and costly repairs, making regular and accurate trunnion adjustments essential.

Services Offered by Motion Engineering

At Motion Engineering, we offer comprehensive tire shimming and trunnion alignment services that are second to none. Our approach ensures that each trunnion is adjusted to a neutral position, enabling proper tracking between the drum and thrust rollers. This precise alignment is crucial for the uniform distribution of loads and optimal operation. We understand the delicacy of the trunnion adjustment process and approach each project with the care and precision it demands.

Why Choose Motion Engineering

With years of specialized experience, the technicians at Motion Engineering are adept at diagnosing and rectifying any trunnion-related issues. Our proficiency not only lies in adjustments but also in safeguarding your investment. Your asphalt plant represents a significant investment, and maintaining it properly is crucial. By choosing Motion Engineering for your trunnion adjustment needs, you’re ensuring that your equipment remains reliable, efficient, and profitable.

Maintaining the optimal functioning of your asphalt plant is not just about immediate productivity; it’s about securing its future performance and avoiding potential failures that can result in significant financial losses. With Motion Engineering’s expert services, you can ensure that your plant operates smoothly and your business thrives.

Don’t wait for misalignment to halt your operations. Reach out to Motion Engineering today for professional trunnion adjustment and alignment services to protect your investment and keep your plant running at its best.