Let us come out to keep you on track with our asphalt plant trunnion adjustment services

Precise trunnion adjustment and alignment will ensure the longevity of the tire and prevent major repairs down the line. Motion Engineering has the expertise to align your tire properly. Whether it’s tire shimming or trunnion alignment, we can handle it all. We can ensure a neutral position and proper tracking between thrust rollers is achieved before a catastrophic failure happens. We have the knowledge and understanding of how delicate of a process it is to adjust the trunnions and train a drum to travel properly.

Say no to broken thrust rollers, bearings, and unnecessary tire wear.
Protect your investment and call Motion Engineering to make sure your drum travels are safe!

Look for the misalignment signs:

  • Wash boarding
  • Flaking
  • Bearing Failures
  • High Motor Amperage
  • Excessive Wear

Contact us today to learn more about our trunnion adjustment & alignment services!