Industrial strainer parts are crucial in industrial processing, and Motion Engineering excels in supplying these essential components. We specialize in sourcing and providing strainers and filters that reduce downtime and prevent fluid contamination. Our supplied range of strainers is vital for protecting equipment and minimizing maintenance costs, particularly effective in asphalt plant operations for filtering out harmful contaminants from liquid AC.

Filtration Solutions from Motion Engineering

Motion Engineering holds a diverse inventory of industrial strainer parts, carefully selected for quality and efficiency. Our offerings include basket strainers, Duplex Strainers, Y Type Strainers, and special-purpose bags for high-temperature service, each sourced for its superior filtration capabilities to ensure clean and efficient operations.

Simplex / Basket Strainers

Included in our inventory, Simplex or Basket Strainers are known for their practicality. These strainers feature a single cartridge basket, ideal for easy maintenance during operational downtimes. Available in various configurations such as screwed and flange options, they offer versatility and ease of use in industrial settings.

Duplex Strainers

The Duplex Strainers we supply cater to continuous process applications where non-stop operation is critical. These strainers enable maintenance of the basket without stopping the system and are equipped with features like quick-open lids and side drain plugs for easy upkeep.

Y Type Strainers

The Y Type Strainers in our selection efficiently remove solids from liquids using perforated wire mesh. Their simple, effective design as a pipe fitting makes them a key part of industrial strainer solutions, safeguarding pumps, meters, valves, and regulators from damage.

Choosing Motion Engineering for Strainer Needs

With extensive experience in the industrial sector, Motion Engineering is adept at selecting and supplying industrial strainer parts that offer reliability and efficiency. We understand the vital role these parts play in diverse industrial applications and provide a range of options to meet various operational demands.

Advanced Industrial Strainer Parts at Motion Engineering

For high-quality industrial strainer parts that enhance operational efficiency and reduce downtime, consider Motion Engineering. We supply a range of strainers suited for diverse industrial filtration needs, focusing on reliability and efficiency. If you require specific strainer solutions or professional advice, contact us. Our expertise in the industry ensures you receive suitable solutions for your unique operational requirements.