As an integral part of our suite of solutions for industrial asphalt plants, we offer both new and used options for asphalt silo system equipment, including complete silos and silo systems. These are specifically designed to store hot mix asphalt (HMA), the critical blend of asphalt cement, aggregate, and fillers. Constructed from durable steel, our asphalt silos boast capacities of several hundred tons, accommodating your asphalt storage needs efficiently.

Asphalt Silos at a Glance

Asphalt silos, primarily gravity silos, constitute the backbone of many industrial asphalt plants. Utilizing gravity for HMA dispersion, these silos stand as silent sentinels maintaining the quality of stored asphalt. Insulated to uphold temperature uniformity, our asphalt silos regulate temperature, prevent segregation of materials, and avert hardening, ensuring the optimal quality of the HMA.

Purpose and Value of Asphalt Silos

Silo system equipment in an asphalt plant serves multiple roles that extend beyond mere storage. Our asphalt silos ensure consistent HMA temperature, a crucial aspect in preserving material quality. They offer seamless HMA batching and efficient loading into trucks, bolstering the plant’s operational efficiency.

Safety is a paramount concern in any industrial operation, and the silos we feature excel in this aspect. By preventing spillages and leaks, they minimize hazards associated with HMA handling. Furthermore, the significant reduction in HMA wastage translates into notable cost savings, underlining the financial benefits of our silo systems.

Importance of Regular Silo Inspection & Silo Liners

In addition to our expertise in buying and selling silos and silo systems, Motion Engineering can also keep your silos functioning optimally. We offer a full range of asphalt plant maintenance services, including silo inspections. One way to ensure better maintenance is with the addition of a silo liner, which we design and install to the specifications of your silo, offering long-lasting protection and a reduction in maintenance costs over time.

Choose Silo System Equipment from Motion Engineering

At Motion Engineering, we are committed to providing silo system equipment that aligns with your specific needs and operational dynamics. Our for-sale silos and silo systems, whether new or used, are meticulously inspected and maintained, ensuring they deliver the high performance that your operations demand. We feature renowned and reliable brands in the industry.

Whether you need additional storage capacity or are looking to upgrade your existing systems, discover our currently available silos and silo systems by reaching out to our team. We look forward to guiding you in finding the most suitable solutions for your asphalt plant requirements. Contact Motion Engineering today and explore the immense potential that our silo system equipment holds for your asphalt operations.

Cedar Rapids 400 tph Self Erect Silo

Model: 400
Serial No: 43762
Silo Clearance: 11’ 6”

Price: $85,000

Gencor 70 Ton Self Erect Silo_450tph [SOLD]

70 Ton Self Erecting Silo /Serial Number: 70TS-152-881-88-NA
450TPH Self Erecting Slatt

Price: $105,000

400 Ton/HR Bituma-Stor Dillman Silo System [SOLD]

  • 400 Ton/Hr Bituma Stor Drag Slat
    • Single Chain (good condition)
    • 75 HP
    • Single Staircase
    • Cast Floor (good condition)
  • 400Ton/Hr Bituma Stor Transfer Conveyor
    • Cast Floor (good condition)
  • (2) 200 Ton Bituma Stor Storage Silos
    • Cone/Tub Wall Liners
    • Safety Gates
  • 100K 47’ Rice Lake Survivor Truck Scale