One of Motion Engineering’s specialties is high-quality pump skids designed to efficiently and reliably pump liquid asphalt. Our pump skids are assembled with precision, incorporating the centrifugal pump, electric drive, gearbox, and strainer onto a heavy-duty skid-mounted design. Whether you are looking for new or used equipment options, we offer reliable solutions to meet your liquid asphalt pumping needs.

Purpose of Pump Skids

Pump skids play a critical role in the smooth operation of asphalt plants, providing an accurate and dependable pumping system for liquid asphalt. The primary function of pump skids is to efficiently distribute liquid asphalt throughout the plant as necessary. By effectively controlling the flow rate and ensuring consistent delivery, pump skids enable seamless asphalt production and distribution processes.

New & Used Options We Offer

If you are working within a budget, used pump skid options might be just right for you. We also offer brand-new options if you are looking for equipment that hasn’t been previously used. Our commitment to quality ensures that even our used pump skids are thoroughly inspected and maintained to deliver optimal performance. Whether you prefer a brand-new pump skid or a cost-effective used option, we have you covered.

Our assembled pump skids feature:

  1. Heavy-Duty Skid-Mounted Design: Our pump skids are built to withstand demanding operating conditions. The robust skid-mounted design provides stability, durability, and easy installation, ensuring reliable performance even in rugged environments.
  2. Centrifugal Pumps: We utilize highly robust centrifugal pumps in our pump skids. These pumps are designed to handle liquid asphalt over a wide range of delivery rates, providing efficient and precise pumping capabilities.
  3. Electric Drive and Gearbox: The electric drive and gearbox components of our pump skids ensure smooth operation and optimal power transmission. This combination enhances performance, allowing for accurate and consistent asphalt flow control.
  4. Strainer: The inclusion of a strainer helps prevent debris and unwanted particles from entering the pump system, ensuring uninterrupted operation and protecting the components from potential damage.
  5. Metering Pumps and Offloading Pumps: We offer two options for pump skids: metering pumps and offloading pumps. Metering pumps provide precise control over the flow rate and volume of liquid asphalt, ideal for accurate dosing in various asphalt production processes. Offloading pumps are designed for the efficient and quick transfer of liquid asphalt from external storage to the plant, streamlining the supply chain and optimizing productivity.

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For reliable and efficient pump skid equipment for your liquid asphalt pumping needs, contact Motion Engineering today for assistance with selecting the right pump skid solution for your plant. Enhance your asphalt plant operations with our top-quality pump skids.

New Pump Skids

  • AC & Off Load Pump Skids
  • Metering Pump Skids

Used Pump Skid Inventory


Price: $25,000