A simple way to avoid surprise asphalt plant expenses is to maintain solid silo and drum liners. A large part of our business is installing, maintaining, and replacing these liners, so we know what we’re doing. Whether you are looking for a steel or ceramic tile liner, we’ve got you covered.

“Have you inspected your silo lately?”

Too many asphalt plants have neglected silos under the assumption that everything is all good … until it’s not. Proper installation of silo liners costs roughly 75% less than replacing the silo, so we can come to your plant, install durable, steel sheet liners (our specialty) in your silos, and help you maintain them. If you want to line just the cone, we can do that. If you want to line the tub wall, we can go up the wall as far as you have signs of wear. Of course, we also work with ceramic tile liners if that suits your needs better.