Hy-Way® Model HYFGO-100 or 200 Helical Coil Thermal Fluid Heaters

The helical coil thermal fluid heater are rated at 1.0 million or 2.0 million BTU/hr. input for operation with a No. 2 oil/natural gas* fired fully automatic forced draft burner. The heat exchanger consists of a tightly wound, pipe coil within the shell. The shell is constructed of 1/4 in. carbon steel, as well as the end covers. The end cover is removable for inspection and cleaning of the unit. The heater package consists of burner, pump set, control system, heater piping and separate expansion tank. The Hy-Way unit with its high degree of efficiency and resulting low stack temperature is designed and built to overcome both high maintenance cost and energy loss associated with conventional heaters. Hy-Way insulates the outside of the shell with 3 in. blanket insulation that is covered with 18 GA embossed aluminum coated with acrylic to maintain its luster. Insulating the outside of the shell allows ease of cleaning of the heat exchanger surface without affecting the heater insulation. Insulation that is installed inside of the shell is susceptible to damage from 1) fuel impingement due to an improperly tuned burner and, 2) ripping due to the high velocity of air flow over the coils. The heads are insulated with 6 in. ceramic insulation. There is a peep site in the rear head of the heater to observe the flame during operation. The heater is mounted on a channel frame structural steel skidded base complete with lifting lugs. Units operating in plants have proven to sustain initial efficiency and maintain operational dependability.